A company visit in Ghent to remember

Passionate about authentic, artisan confectionery? Plan a company visit in Ghent and discover Larmuseau! We treat your colleagues, association, club or group of friends to an informative guided tour and grant you a behind-the-scenes look at our production department where our famous snowballs are still rolled by hand. We also relate Larmuseau’s colourful history and encourage you to sample our famous confectionery. You can even try your hand at rolling your own snowballs.

At Larmuseau, no two company visits are ever the same. Indeed, we go to great lengths to ensure our programme is tailored to your group’s specific requirements.


Want to acquaint your team with Larmuseau confectionery in Ghent? Practicalities:

  • A company visit costs €9.00 per person and is conducted via morning sessions which run throughout the year.
  • We happily free up one and a half hours per visit, after which we must unfortunately return to work. After all, we wouldn’t want customers to go without our famous snowballs!
  • For your optimum comfort, we accept groups of a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 50 persons.
  • Please plan your company visit at least 2 weeks in advance. This allows us to thoroughly prepare and ensure that your visit is truly special.
  • You can enjoy a behind-the-scenes peek into all areas of our confectionery. Our premises are wheelchair accessible.
  • The tour can be conducted in Dutch, French and English.
  • Before commencing your company visit we first provide some brief safety and hygiene instructions.
    Company clothing required: overcoat, overshoes and beard nets.
    Wearing hairnets is mandatory.
    Jewels, visible piercings and watches are forbidden, except a wedding ring.
    Eating, drinking, snacking, chewing gum is forbidden.
    Cellphone and other personal belongings are not allowed.
    Forbidden to smoke; electronically neither.
    Hand washing / disinfecting is mandatory.
    Reporting communicable diseases.
    Wounds should be covered with a patch.
    Do not touch machines, raw materials and products in the workshop.

Searching for the ideal company visit in Ghent?

Invite your colleagues to experience our traditional Larmuseau craftsmanship first-hand!

Come visit Larmuseau!