How the Ghent traditional confectionery success story began

The origins of Larmuseau traditional confectionery date back to 1913. August Larmuseau was indulging sweet teeth in Ghent with all manner of sweet treats from his confectionery, which initially manufactured traditional sweets, chocolate and biscuits under the name of Supra. He also created the famous snowball, an irresistibly light cloud of whipped butter, dipped decadently in chocolate and dusted with icing sugar. The perfect alternative to the then unaffordable chocolate. In fact, the snowball was so successful that August won the gold medal for food at the World Fair in 1913.


At the end of the Second World War, Dutch sweets flooded the country and competition intensified. The artisan confectionery closed its doors. However, the Ghent confectioner still hungered after a perfectly crisp snowball that melted seductively on the tongue. The snowball made its comeback and swiftly trounced the numerous imitations that failed to capture that same irresistibly creamy texture.


In 1950, August Larmuseau passed the business on to his son, Georges. The snowball became so successful that it could be found gracing the shelves of every village store. Although, this success could partly be attributed to Georges’ famously smooth banter and unrivalled sales talent. He also had a reputation for adding a few extra snowballs to customer orders in order to round up their bills.


In 1982, August’s grandson, Johnny Larmuseau, took over the reins. He’d spent 13 years in the business and knew it inside out. The snowball was still being manufactured using the same authentic technique and, in 2009, was awarded the official Flemish Regional Product label.


In turn, Johnny, too, went in search of a new owner for the family business and secret recipe. Young entrepreneur from Ghent, Tanguy Serraes, quickly mastered the profession, took over the traditional confectionery and, from 2013 began breathing new life into its snowballs.


In 2018, Larmuseau expanded the range with other traditional sweet treats, for which Larmuseau once again uncovered authentic recipes. Larmuseau goes to great lengths to retain the tradition and fine craftsmanship in all of our delicious confectionery products. Keen to sample our unique confectionery products for yourself? Then visit our new Larmuseau shop in Lochristi, which have been delighting and indulging customers from the moment their doors opened in 2018.
Mid 2018 Joeri Pergoot (co-partner since 2017) acquired the shares of Tanguy Serraes. Consequently, Tanguy Serraes has left the company.

2019: Larmuseau obtains the certificate Ifs Food.