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Larmuseau has been in the confectionery business for more than 100 years. From confectioner to chocolate, ice cream and biscuit manufacturer, we’ve stayed consistently true to tradition, authenticity and craftsmanship. Which you can see, smell and savour in each and every one of our traditional sweets, including our famous snowball. Did you know that Larmuseau snowballs were recognised as a Flemish Regional Product by VLAM in 2009? So you can rest assured that our snowballs are delicious, authentic and of an exceptionally high quality.

Owing to their enduring popularity, we’ve added several new varieties to our snowball range. In addition to the original snowball, you can now sample this traditional sweet treat with cuberdon, salted caramel, coffee, Baileys and coconut.

Ever wondered where our snowballs come from?

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